3 Best Commercial Roof Options For the Midwest

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The Midwest is nicknamed the “Tornado Valley” because of the high amount of tornadoes they experience every year during the spring and summer months. They also experience hot summers and freezing winters since there are no oceans around to control the temperature. These temperature extremes can wreak havoc on conventional roofing systems. These unique weather conditions make it necessary for Midwesterners to think about roofing systems in a way that will be sufficient for their specific needs. This article will discuss the three best commercial roof options for the Midwest.

PVC Commercial Roof

A PVC roof stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. The beauty of a PVC roof is the simplicity and ease of installation. During the installation, a membrane is affixed onto the roof and heated and rendered watertight. These roofs generally last between 25-50 years and do not cost a lot of money to install. The maintenance on a roof like this is minimal and will last even longer with a healthy maintenance schedule and inspections after significant weather events.

EPDM Commercial Roof

EPDM is also known as ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. Not only is it durable and long lasting but it is also energy efficient and waterproof and on the rare occasion that it does leak it is straightforward to fix. EPDM is wind resistant and can handle extreme temperatures whether hot or cold which makes it ideal for the Midwest climate. If you decide to install EPDM roofing make sure to keep up with the maintenance and regular cleaning.

Metal Commercial Roof

Metal Roofing is an excellent choice for the Midwestern climate. Tornadoes and wind can wreak havoc on roofs, but metal is incredibly resistant to tornadoes. Metal is energy efficient reflect and reflects solar heat to lower cooling costs. The investment in a metal roof will pay dividends in the form of energy savings that will add up during all of those humid Midwestern summers.

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