3 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Commercial Roof Inspected

commercial roof inspection

1. Weather Events

You only have to look at the news over the past few years, and you can see for yourself the tremendous damage wrought by mother nature and her tremendously destructive capabilities. Even regular weather events cause wear and tear to your commercial roof. Think about this for a second, this coming winter we are expecting anywhere from several inches to several cumulative feet of snow. Snow puts pressure on your roof, and even when the snow melts, the thaw and freeze cycle will cause even more wear and tear to your commercial roof. 

2. Normal Wear and Tear

Having a regular schedule of maintenance inspections enables you to track the size and frequency of your commercial roof’s issues. This timeline will allow you to forecast the amount of life your commercial roof has left. The alternative is just having someone fix the roof as the problems become glaringly obvious. This wait and see approach is a foolish strategy that will end up being more expensive in the long run. 

3. Damage Due to Negligence

Regular commercial roof inspections enable you to protect your roof from issues that are out of the ordinary. For instance, imagine that you have a new air condition unit installed up there and the installation team gets a little rough towards the end of the job. You know how it is, a bunch of sweaty HVAC guys are finishing up the last bit of a hard job on your commercial roof on a sweltering summer day. Naturally, your entire HVAC system went kaput on you in the middle of July, and you had to hire an emergency crew to get out there right away. On the last day as the final screws are being screwed, some workers are a little careless with the clean up on your commercial roof. Some of their equipment scrapes and scratches some soft spots. 

Now there are two kinds of commercial roof owners that this will happen to. The first owner is the not so fortunate type who does not have regular commercial roof inspections done. The roof damage goes unnoticed, and sure enough, there is a summer rainstorm that brings a full week of nonstop pouring rain. Since this commercial roof owner does not perform regular inspections and does not know about the damage done from the HVAC installation, the rain sends a lot of water into the cracks on the roof. 

The other kind of commercial roof owner does routine commercial roof inspections of the roof whenever there are any significant events on it, like a large HVAC installation! The roof owner calls for an inspection the day after the HVAC crews leave and discovers the damage and sends an invoice to the HVAC for the damage. 

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