What Is the Best Metal Commercial Roof Material

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When it comes to metal commercial roof systems, there are three main types of roofs and each system has many different variations, the most significant variation is the material. There really is no best metal roof because one metal commercial roof made of let’s say steel could be great for one situation but in another, it would be better to use a different material.


We will go through the three most common roof types, but keep in mind that when it comes to the right material for that specific type, it depends on the situation.

1. R- panel Metal Commercial Roof

R- Panel roofing is the most common one. It is so easy and simple to install that often times it is used to go over existing roofing solutions. Ladies and gentleman, this roof gets the job done and is easy and cheap to install.

2. Corrugated Metal Roof

Corrugated metal roofing used to be the most popular roof, before R- panel, it’s more expensive because it’s usually made from more durable steel or similar material, but like I said before you can get metal roofing in virtually any material you want. Corrugated is an easy enough install but has a very rustic look, so it’s becoming less and less popular with commercial application.

3. Architectural Standing Seam

The holy grail of commercial metal roofs is Architectural Standing Seam. This stuff comes in many different styles and colors and materials, but the bottom line is it does not fail. Think of commercial metal roofs in terms of how would it do on a scale of one to ten in an adverse situation. Let’s say like strong winds and or rainstorm, the Architectural Standing Seam scores a ten out of ten every time, whereas your other metal commercial roofs do not. This roof is watertight and virtually leak-proof, wind can’t pull them up, and it’ll take a hell of an impact to crack or rip a hole in them. Put it this way, hurricanes are rated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, on a scale of one to five, the reason there is no six is because there is no man-made structure that can sustain a hit from anything more powerful than a five, so there’s no point in having a higher rating than five. Architectural Standing Seam roofs are built to sustain a direct hit from a category five storm, as the kids say, enough said.

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