What Is the Best Metal Commercial Roof Material

metal commercial roof, Appleton, WI

When it comes to metal commercial roof systems, there are three main types of roofs and each system has many different variations, the most significant variation is the material. There really is no best metal roof because one metal commercial roof made of let’s say steel could be great for one situation but in another, […]


3 Commercial Roof and Flat Roofing Options

Commercial Roof and Flat Roofing Options, Appleton, WI

When it comes to choosing commercial roof and flat roofing options, there are a lot of choices. In this article, we will discuss the three most popular commercial roofing options. 1. TPO Commercial Roof TPO is one the most popular of the commercial roof and flat roofing options. It is estimated that forty percent of commercials roofs in North […]


Commercial Roof Replacement Options

Commercial Roof Replacement Appleton,WI

When replacing your commercial roof, you have a number of options for your new commercial roof; built up, single ply membrane, liquid applied polymer, or metal sloped. Built up roofs are made of your traditional roofing materials like tar, asphalt, or modified bitumen. These roofs will generally last between 15-25 years depending on the severity […]


Signs of a Damaged Commercial Roof

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Do you suspect that you may have a damaged commercial roof? If your commercial roof is damaged, the results of that damage will probably present in the form of a leak or a gaping hole above your head. This article is going to discuss a few of the early warning signs of a damaged commercial […]


How Does Winter Affect My Commercial Roof

Commercial Roof Damage Appleton

Commercial Roof Damage Due to Winter With the temperatures fluctuating day by day in the winter, commercial roofs can take a beating. During the winter, commercial roofs face below zero temperatures, ice, high winds, and tons of pressure from snow. Check out some of the different ways your commercial roof sustains damage throughout the winter. […]


Why You Should Hire A Commercial Roof Contractor

Roofing is essential for any property, whether it’s your home or business. Good roofing protects the inside of the property from poor weather and outside elements. A good roof provides comfort to those working inside the building so they can continue their business without disruption. Businesses should have a solid roof. Many companies who build […]


4 Reasons to Replace or Recover a Commercial Roof

As your commercial building ages, the roof will experience weakening and will need to be recovered or replaced.  Replacing a commercial roof will be costly but due to natural wear and tear over time replacing it will eventually need to be done.  The other more affordable option is to recover the commercial roof. 4 Reasons […]


3 Common Winter Effects on Your Commercial Roofing

Winter can be long and harsh on your commercial roof.  A commercial building is an important part of your business either for manufacturing or storage.  Here are a couple issues your commercial roof might encounter this winter season. 1. Snow Buildup Most commercial roofs are flat which can lead to heavy snow build up.  The […]


Cold Season Home Maintenance Tips

Winter can cause wear and tear on your home. Homeowners in colder parts of the country are aware of ice, snow, hail, wind, below zero temperatures that cause harm to homes. Frozen pipes can burst, ice dams can cause havoc to a home’s attic, siding, gutters, and more, and if your home is not properly […]