When to Have a Commercial Roof Inspection

Commercial Roof Inspection

There are many things can go wrong with your commercial roof which may cause you to have to pay a hefty sum to fix the problem. An excellent way to avoid issues is to be proactive about the maintenance and schedule a commercial roof inspection. Being proactive about maintaining your commercial roof can help you avoid expensive repairs in the future!

If your commercial building is in a place with seasons, it’s imperative that you have the roof checked no less than twice a year, preferably every spring and fall. As the weather goes from one extreme to the other, your roof can become exposed to the possibility of becoming damaged.

Have a Commercial Roof Inspection Done After the Spring Thaw

It’s a good idea to have a commercial roof inspection done after the spring thaw. The winter can cause issues with your gutter system, your flashings, and the surface area of your roof. A commercial roof inspection will consist of a knowledgeable professional taking a close look at all of these potential problem areas. A cursory glance from the ground is not enough; a good inspector needs to safely get up on your roof and carefully inspect the potential problem areas.

Have a Commercial Roof Inspection Done After Rainy and Hot Months

The same needs to be done after the rainy and hot months as they each represent their slew of potential issues for your roof. A roof that experiences excessive heat can suffer from cracks or curling shingles. During the summer, humidity and rain can wreak havoc on your roof by causing excessive moisture build-up and leaks.

A professional commercial roof inspector will take care to check all areas, safely and comprehensively. If you skimp out of the quality of your inspector, you will pay for it later. Unfortunately, many times what should have been a small, inexpensive issue to fix can become a large and expensive issue to fix later on if not addressed right away.

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