Commercial roof leak in winter

ARC Contracting Commercial roof

The wintertime is the best time to learn about your commercial roof.  It can show you how well it was installed or what problems there are or may come in the future. There are a variety of different reasons as to why your commercial roof is leaking during winter, from improper sealing to ice dams, it is all about knowing what to look for and fixing the root of the issue before you need to invest in a replacement commercial roof. 

ARC Contracting Commercial roof

A lot of times, winter conditions can be very rough on your commercial roof and can only show problems during the winter months. These still need to be fixed because a leaky roof can cause future problems that could end up costing you more. 

Outside of the winter months, your commercial roof can experience rain and winds that your commercial roof can handle but it’s when the cold and snow can cause more damage to your building’s roof. Here are some common reasons as to why your commercial roof could leak. 

Ice Dams

Ice dams are a very common problem for flat roofs and can cause your roof to leak. An ice dam is formed when water gets trapped in a pocket of the roof’s membrane and blocks the flow of water causing it to sit there and eventually find its way through the ceiling and entering the building. 

Bad Seams

Seams can be the most susceptible area for water leaks in your building because they are the part of the roof that has the highest chance of not being installed properly. After heavy rainfall or snow, the water can find its way to the parts of the seams that aren’t sealed tight enough to make their way into the building. 

Cracks in the Membrane

Over the years, your commercial roof can take a toll from the harsh Wisconsin weather conditions and the constant freezing and thawing of your roof can cause the membrane of the roof to crack. These cracks can then be a point for water seep into and run into your building. 

ARC Contracting commercial roof

If you see any of these signs on your commercial roof that could cause leaking contact ARC Contracting today and speak with one of our professionally trained contractors to discuss the best course of action today.