The Consequences of Not Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

commercial roof

commercial roof can last for twenty-five to fifty years, but there is a catch. You have to maintain it if you want to get anywhere close to its full life expectancy.

Freak storms and accidents aside, the longer you push off the maintenance of your roof, the more money you will pay in repairs. Most commercial roofs do not need that much tender love and care, but that is a sliding scale based on the environment your commercial roof lives in and what kind of weather it has seen over the last few months or years.  

More often than not your commercial roof will begin to suffer some leaks, sagging, and cracks before an all-out collapse but again if you adhere to strict maintenance and inspection protocol, you can avoid these problems altogether. The thing is that a lot of warning signs that end up leading to a commercial roof collapse are only discovered through preventative maintenance checks of the roof. Picture this, a big storm does some damage to your roof, but you do not see the leak inside your commercial building, but there is water pooling inside the roof. The only way you could have discovered this is if you had someone get up there and inspect the roof a few weeks after the storm to see what kind of damage the roof sustained.

If you are not proactive when it comes to maintaining your commercial roof, your wallet will suffer the consequences. Do yourself a favor and take care of your roof on a regular basis, not just when you see a problem. If you neglect your commercial roof, the chances are that by the time you notice an issue, it is only the tip of the iceberg, and the real problem is often much worse than what you can see.  

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