Common Problems with Commercial Flat Roofs

Commercial Flat Roof

Commercial flat roofs are pretty impressive; they’re easy to build, relatively cheap and pretty straightforward when it comes to maintaining them. Ask anyone with a commercial flat roof, and they will tell you that commercial flat roofs are as close to perfect as roofs get!

Commercial flat roofs deteriorate over time, and like anything in life, that deterioration processes will be expedited if you do not give your commercial flat roof the required tender love and care. The two biggest killers of commercial flat roofs are time and pooling water/snow.

Commercial Flat Roofs Deteriorate Over Time

Time, we all answer to time one way or the other and commercial flat roofs are no exception, especially considering the shelf life of the materials that commercial flat roofs are made from. Most commercial flat roofs are made from a variety of different rubbers and plastics that lose their elasticity and begin to bubble and crack over time. The first thing to consider is that a commercial flat roof is one membrane soaked in asphalt, which means as the seasons get cooler and hotter your roof is expanding and contracting, which is fine because it’s built for that but over the course of several decades, not so much. The elements put a major beating on any commercial flat roof, and after a certain amount of beating no matter how much love and care you give your commercial flat roof, it will succumb to the never-ending march of time.

Heavy Rain and Snow Can Damage Commercial Flat Roofs

The other major issue with commercial flat roofs is that a heavy rain/snowfall could destroy your roof. Most of these roofs are rated to be able to sustain incredible amounts of rain or snow but if the last year has told us anything it’s that mother nature is very fond of throwing unbelievable amounts of rain and snow our way. The issue with commercial flat roofs and rain and snow is that as you can probably imagine, there is nowhere for the rain or snow to go.  Which as you can believe is an issue when the weight limit for the roof is exceeded, and the snow and rain come crashing down.

Even when rain and snow don’t fall in catastrophic volumes, it can still present issues for commercial flat roofs. When rain and snow sit on roofs for a long time, the sitting snow and water can start to seep into small otherwise unseen cracks. Remember what I said before about the roof being built to expand and contract with the change of the seasons? Well, that does not always work out so nicely. Sometimes when you mix small cracks in a roof and some sitting water or snow and bing bang boom, you’ve got a bad leak!

Commercial flat roofs are great, but they certainly have two major issues that you need to watch out for. If you are in need of roof repair for your commercial flat roof in the Appleton, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Green Bay, and De Pere areas, call ARC Commercial Contracting.