Five Signs to Choosing the Right Commercial Roof Contractor

commercial roof contractor

Spotting a bad actor in the commercial roof contractor arena is pretty easy when you know what to look out for. In this article, I will help you distinguish clearly between the good and rotten apples in the world of commercial roof contractors. 

1. First things first, trust your gut, if something about a commercial roof contractor skeeves you out, show them the door! If a commercial roofing contractor seems dishonest, the chances are high that they are. That being said, if someone comes extremely highly recommended by a lot of people who have used them successfully for years and you are just getting a bad vibe, maybe don’t kick them out so quickly but certainly keep your guard up and watch them closely. Ultimately though, you need to trust your contractors, and if you can not for whatever reason, trust your commercial roof contractor, then you should find another one. 

2. A commercial roof contractor must have good quality reviews from people you know and trust. If you cannot find any verifiable references, it should concern you, and it may be a good idea to continue searching for another company.

3. A commercial roof contractor should be able to show you licenses, liability insurance documents, and a workers compensation policy. If they do not have these documents, you may be entirely liable for any accidents or damage that occurs.

4. A bad commercial roofing contractor will ask for an excessive amount of money up front. It is standard for a roofing company to ask you to pay between 30 to 50 percent of the job up front to cover the cost of the supplies, but anything higher than that is a red flag.

5. When interacting with a commercial roof contractor pay careful attention to what they say they will do and what they are willing to put in writing, especially when it comes to warranties, how long things will take to complete, and how much they will cost. An honest commercial roofing contractor will not mislead you. An excellent commercial roof contractor will also be happy to put in writing the scope, time frame, and cost of their work, even if those figures are approximate, they will be upfront about that and give you a reasonable range in which those things can vary, the best ones will even explain to you what can cause those variations. Commercial roof work can change as the work gets underway, but that is why it is so vital to hire a company that you can trust and knowing that they have a sterling reputation.

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