How to Handle a Water Damage Insurance Claim

If you’re dealing with water damage, it’s stressful enough figuring out out how to dry it up. Talking to the insurance company can often be a long process. Here are some things to keep in mind when filing your water damage insurance claim.
water damage insurance claim

Call as soon as possible:

When you notice the water damage, don’t put off calling the insurance company. Most insurance policies are void if you call too late, usually after 14 days. Know what kind of a time window you’re working with when filing your insurance claim.

Review your coverage plan

Flooding isn’t usually covered in your standard homeowners insurance. For other water damage insurance claims be sure to review your policy to know what is included. If you don’t know, or need further explanations be sure to ask your agent.

Know your policy number

Know your policy number in advance to smooth out the process when you call for the claim.

Document the damage

Make sure that you properly document the damage. Take pictures or a video of the damage that the water has caused. The insurance adjuster may need that information to accurately assess your claim. As you start repairing the damages keep track of all of the expenses and save all of the receipts.

Don’t Throw Anything Away

If some of your belongings are too damaged to keep, don’t throw them away just yet. Especially save anything that is of value. Your insurance adjuster may need to appraise the damage it accurately include it into the claim.

Know Who You’re Talking To

When you’re talking to insurance agents on the phone and through emails, document and save those conversations. Write down the name of who you talked to and when you talked to them. After you do all of that make sure that you store it somewhere safe.

Call ARC

If handling the insurance claim process isn’t something you feel comfortable doing, call ARC. Our project managers are experts at talking with your insurance company. You can trust the ARC team to make sure that you get the coverage that you deserve.