How to Take Care of a Commercial Roof

Trim the Trees

Commercial roof maintenance can be pretty simple if you do it the right way. The first thing you need to do when caring for your commercial roof is to make sure that no tree limbs are touching or hanging over your roof space. Trees are good for the environment but bad for commercial roofs. Keep them far away from yours. 

Check the Drainage

Many flat commercial roofs will have a built-in drainage system. Make sure you check your roof’s drainage periodically. If you notice water pooling around the drain site but not going down it, it needs repair! 

Check the Gutter System

Your commercial roof will have a rainwater gutter system along its perimeter to help excess rainwater run off and away from the roof via the gutter system. Make sure to keep this system clear of any obstructions or debris that may accumulate over the season. If there is an obstruction and water or snowmelt collects in it, the added weight can cause your gutter system to pull away from your commercial roof. Not only can the pull of the gutter system expose your commercial roof to leaks, but it can potentially fall and damage your building or hurt someone. 

Inspect the Flashings

While you are checking your commercial roof, keep an eye out for the flashings, these are the pieces that cover the angles of your commercial roof. These flashings are common sites of leaks. Usually, these leaks will start out small, and if you can catch them early, you can avoid major issues down the line. 

Be Mindful of the Weight Limit

Never add extra weight that exceeds the weight limit of your commercial roof. Most commercial roofs are rated to handle a certain amount of weight. This weight will include HVAC units and condensers. However, keep in mind that if it snows and the snow accumulates on your roof, more weight will be added, and you need to account for that. If you find yourself using your commercial roof as a storage unit, you could be looking at causing significant damage or putting your entire structure at risk, so be careful and consult with a commercial roof contractor

Roof Inspections

Last, but certainly not least, hire a trustworthy commercial roof contractor to inspect your roof twice a year and after any significant weather events. The longer you let issues sit undiscovered, the worse they get, and the larger their price tag for repairs becomes. 

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