Is It Time For a Commercial Roof Replacement?

Commercial roof replacement can be very expensive, but it is necessary when it needs to be replaced, so how do you know when it’s time for a replacement? 

The first thing to focus on before commercial roof replacement is keeping up with the maintenance of the roof. Fixing small problems before they become a bigger problem is more critical and can save you money in the long run for your roof. 


Leaking water from your roof is a sign that your roof needs attention, but leaks can’t always be seen until they have made a bigger problem. In the wintertime, for some regional places, water leaking and then freezing can cause more damage as the ice will expand. By taking the time to inspect your roof to make sure there aren’t any leaks can be tedious but can save you and your company lots of money in the long run. Signs of leaking could be mold forming on your ceiling or dark spots where water may be settling. 


Shingle Damage

Just like most residential houses, if your commercial roof has shingles, check for curls, cracks, moss, missing shingles, or bald spots. Check out our article talking more about shingle roofs.


Flat Roof Membrane Damage

For most flat commercial roofs that use a membrane, it is essential to know the signs of when commercial roof replacement is. One thing to look for is spots where water can leak in between the layers and making sure seals are properly sealed around the edge and around the equipment on the roof. Keeping track of when your roof was installed and knowing the lifespan of your roof can save you money. This will allow you to plan for replacing it ahead of time or making sure it lasts as long as it is supposed to. 


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