Is PVC a good replacement commercial flat roof material?

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is a roofing material that is single-ply and used mostly for commercial buildings. It is a very flexible material that can be prefabricated to specific criteria that leaves less waste when installing it on a commercial roof. PVC can be an excellent pick for a replacement commercial flat roof

replacement commercial flat roof

What makes PVC a good commercial flat roof material?

  • One of the benefits of this material is that it has a high reflectivity, meaning that it reflects the sunlight so that your commercial roof and attic space don’t get too hot. This can be ideal for commercial roofs that are in warm climate weather.
  • Another benefit is the durability of PVC; when installed correctly, PVC can last for decades. Not only does that save you money, but it also helps the environment by lasting longer. 
  • Another benefit of having a commercial roof with PVC is that the material is sustainable. PVC remains a thermoplastic, meaning that you can easily add roof modifications without redoing the whole roof. 
  • The final benefits are its lightweight characteristic; PVC is usually at about 45mil and weighs around .25 pounds per square foot. PVC also has extreme seam strength; its welded seams can help deter vegetation from growing through the seams and on the roof. It is also very resistant to chemicals, making it ideal for individual businesses that use harsh chemicals. 

replacement commercial flat roof

If you are looking for a good alternative for a replacement commercial flat roof, PVC could be your best option. Feel free to talk to one of our expert commercial roof advisors about which flat roof material is suitable for your building. Contact ARC Contracting to get a free estimate and answer any questions you may have about your replacement commercial flat roof.