Keep Water Out of your Home this Spring with these Four Tips

We’ve had a wet start to our spring already and it’s extremely important to make sure your home is prepared. Here are some tips to keep water out of your home this Spring:

  1. Clean gutters and downspoutsClean downspout

    When water flows off of your roof, it needs to be carried away from the base of your foundation. This is where your gutters & downspouts come into play. Make sure to clear out all debris that may prevent water from flowing to the downspout (leaves, branches, helicopter seeds, etc.).

  2. Redirect your downspouts

    Be sure your downspouts direct water several feet away from your house. You may also need to replace any damaged downspouts. Go to your local hardware store and ask for a downspout extension. This will make the job quick and easy.

  3. Unclog your drains

    In the spring, the water table rises and this may cause ice and water to backflow through your drains and into your home. Clear this debris from drains, vent stacks, and sewer pipes with a drain auger (ask your local hardware store).

  4. Inspect your sump pump!

    Make sure it’s in working condition before it’s too late. Slowly pour water into the pump pit and trigger the sump pump to turn on. If it properly cycles twice in a row, you should be good to go. For extra peace of mind, you can install a battery backup system which will protect your home if the power should go out.