5 Tips to Prevent Leaks in Your Commercial Roof

commercial roof

A leaking roof is a major inconvenience that can cause significant damage to a building. Follow these tips to prevent leaks in your commercial roof.

1. Commercial Roof Inspections

The smartest way to prevent commercial roof leaks is by scheduling recurring inspections. Doing this will make sure that you are aware of any issues with the roof especially the ones that are hard to spot. It is particularly important to have a roof inspection done any time your roof suffers a significant weather event or any other trauma.

2. Do Not Push Off Any Commercial Roof Repairs

As soon as you discover some damage or malfunction to your commercial roof, have it fixed right away. A roof issue is similar to a crack in your car’s windshield. It may start as a small and barely noticeable crack but given time and regular wear and tear, that small crack will grow and before you blink you’ll need an entirely new windshield! Minor issues with roofs are the same so if you want to stop leaks from occurring in your commercial roof, address all roof issues expeditiously.

3. Clear Debris from your Commercial Roof

Keeping your commercial roof clear of debris means that you should clear the roof deck regularly especially after storms. Never let snow sit on your roof for extended periods. When you have debris clogging your gutters, it stops them from being able to do their job. Debris can accumulate and eventually cause your gutters to become pulled off your building, and that will cause damage. If your gutters are not working correctly it will cause water to pool where it should not, and you guessed it, that will cause damage too.

4. Clear Drains

Your commercial roofs draining system plays an integral part in keeping your roof in good condition. Make sure that your roofs drains are clear from debris and that nothing is impeding the flow of water. While you are checking to see if your drains are clear, also make sure that there are no leaks in your draining systems.

5. Replace Caulking and Sealant

Sealant protects your commercial roof from the elements by making it weatherproof. As time passes, caulking and sealant experience normal wear and tear and eventually need replacement. Be sure to replace your caulking and sealant when they start to wear out, doing so will help prevent roof leaks.

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