Most common types of Commercial roofs

Depending on what type of building you are operating out of some types of commercial roofs are more common than other types. Many factors will determine the type of commercial roof you may need for your business, such as the size of the building, budget, location, environment, type of business, and many more. 

common types of commercial roofs

Commercial Flat Roof

The first style of commercial roof that we’ll talk about is a flat roof, but even that has a variety of variations. Flat roofs can have many different types, and one of the most common types of commercial roofs is Built-Up Roofing Membrane. This type of commercial roof is a combination of tar and gravel built on with multiple layers. It is low in cost compared to other types of roofs and is very durable.


Commercial EPDM Roof

Another type of commercial flat roof is EPDM roofing; thermoset roof systems are very durable and long-lasting. These commercial roofs offer easier installations and maintenance by using a single-ply rubber material. EPDM commercial roofs also have the benefits of resisting UV light, some acids, alcohol, and it works well in colder temperatures.


Commercial TPO Roof

A very similar roof to EPDM is Thermoplastic Polyolefin or TPO and Poly Vinyl Chloride or PVC. These roofs are lightweight, very durable, reflective to UV, puncture-resistant, oil and animal fats, and chemical resistant. The strength of these roofs are perfect for reapplication and are great for businesses like restaurants and other commercial businesses that work with oils or chemicals. 


Commercial Metal Roof

Increasing the slope of the roof, and you have another prevalent type of commercial roof, which is metal roofing. Metal roofs come in all different kinds of materials and designs. The most favored materials for metal roofs are copper, aluminum, galvanized steel, tin, lead, stainless steel, and there are many factors that come into play when deciding which type is correct for your business. These roofs are inexpensive and very durable.

Common types of commercial roofs

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