What to do with pooling water on a Wisconsin commercial roof

Pooling water on a commercial roof can be a nightmare most Wisconsin Business owners fear just because of the number of problems they can bring. From wear and tear on the commercial roof to leaks below the ceiling, pooling water is nothing to play around with.

Pooling water on a commercial roof

Pooling water can be caused by a few different things such as a clogged drain or drain track, low spot, or even cracked or damaged roof membrane. Fixing pooling water as quickly as possible is necessary because the longer you wait the more damage it can do and the more it will cost you in the long run. 


During the colder months, pooling water can especially be dangerous due to the possibility of it repeatedly freezing and thawing. If this happens it can seep into the membrane, freeze and expand, and then pop causing roof damage. So it is important to always keep an eye on your commercial roof year round especially during critical times. 

One way to fix pooling water on a commercial roof is by checking your drains and drain track. If your drains are clogged for an unknown reason have a professional perform a maintenance check to discuss the next action. The next step would be to check the drain path that the water might take. If the track is experiencing too much water at one time, it might be time to add another set of tracks to help ease the flow of water. 

Another way would be to access low spots in your roof. Overtime low spots can occur or they could be there from the beginning if you had your roof installed by an amateur. Either way, locating and fixing these low spots can help fix pooling water on your roof.

Pooling water on a commercial roof

If everything else seems to be alright and water is still leaking into the building it could be time for a commercial roof replacement. This should be the last action taken as it can costly but will benefit you in the long run if you’re experiencing issues with pooling water on your commercial roof.


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