What is a TPO Roofing System?

TPO roofing system

TPO roofing stands for thermoplastic polyolefin, and it is a single-ply roofing membrane. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits and limitations of a TPO roofing system.

These roofing systems rank in as one of the most popular flat roofing options out there as they have a pretty impressive resume. One of the most significant benefits of a TPO roofing system is that they are relatively inexpensive to install. 

They are also excellent insulators that have high R-value ratings. TPO roofs are white and reflect the sun’s heat. This feature will help your home stay cooler during the summer months and lower your energy bills! There are also varieties with fire-resistant properties as well, which reduces your property insurance premiums! A TPO roofing system, if properly maintained and barring any extreme weather conditions, can last for up to thirty years or more. 

Now while a lot of that may sound convincing and you are ready to settle on TPO roofing, you need to understand that it does have some limitations. Mainly that TPO roofing has become so widely used in the roofing industry that there can be quality issues from certain manufacturers and contractors. Now I know what you are thinking, sure that is with anything in life, some manufacturers make quality products others, not so much. With TPO, it can be challenging to know what you are dealing with unless you have experience working with a particular manufacturer before, which is why it is so important to be working with a quality roofing contractor that has relationships with trustworthy manufacturers!  

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